Custom Home Builder vs Large Project Home Builder: What’s Best For Your New Home?

March 5, 2024
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You are ready to purchase a new home. Now it is time to decide whether you want a custom home or wish to work with a large project home builder.

Each option has benefits and drawbacks you must consider. You need this information to make the right choice.

Custom Home Builder or Volume Home Builders

Volume builders use pre-determined designs to construct hundreds or thousands of homes yearly. You choose a design and personalize it to make the home unique. Choosing this option lets you know the base price before the process moves forward.

Narrowing the options becomes easier when you go this route. Most people find this is a cost-effective way to build a new home. However, you may have to sacrifice some features to stay within budget.

Custom home builders create one-of-a-kind homes. These small companies work from plans drafted by an architect or draftsman after consultation with the homebuyer.

You choose the floor plan and all aspects of the home’s design when working with this professional. These companies only build a few bespoke homes each year, so you receive personalized service.

Customised Floor Plan

When working with a volume builder, you must choose from a set range of floor plans. While you may find a floor plan you love, making any changes isn’t possible. The builder may allow you to alter these floor plans, but doing so could add to the cost of the home significantly.

Custom home builders in Western Sydney allow you to design the floor plan from scratch. If you have a complex home design in mind, the builder will work with engineers, architects, and other professionals to construct the home.

You have complete control over the look and feel of the house.

Customer Service

Volume home builders construct hundreds or thousands of homes each year. Talking to the project supervisor is difficult, if not impossible, because they are overseeing multiple projects simultaneously.

Your only contact with them is during scheduled site visits or meetings. Communicating with the supervisor at other times is challenging, if not impossible.

Working with a custom home builder gives you direct access to the project supervisor. You get to know the builder personally and can turn to them when concerns about the project arise.

While altering the project after it begins is costly, you can work with the builder to address problems immediately rather than waiting until construction is complete.

Cost Considerations

Many people never consider buying a custom home because they worry about the price tag. This assumption needs to change. Volume home builders work with limited plans.

Changing the plans for your home could lead to a significant increase in price. If you buy the home as-is, you might spend a large sum of money on renovations to achieve your dream home.

Working with a custom builder, you have more control over the price of the home. You get exactly what you want from the start.

The builder works with you to create your ideal home and makes recommendations on materials and other elements of the home to help you stay within budget. They help you choose the right materials for every room in the house.

Construction Time

People who want or need to move quickly often work with volume home builders. They need a home quickly, and the builder can provide this. A new volume home might be ready in as little as four months. However, you may sacrifice quality for speed.

Mozo reports the average new volume home requires over $6,000 worth of work to correct defects once the construction is complete. Volume home site managers oversee multiple projects at one time, often 30 or more. Defects remain a concern because they cannot be everywhere at once. Custom home builders need time to create your dream residence.

The process takes longer than four months, but the home won’t need any changes once it is complete. You have a dedicated site supervisor who oversees every aspect of the project, which reduces the risk of defects.

The home builder has processes in place to ensure the work is done properly, and your project will undergo quality checks as it moves forward.

Volume home builders don’t have these systems in place. As a custom home builder in Western Sydney completes fewer projects each year, you might find your custom home takes less time to build than a volume home.

You cannot know whether this will be the case until you speak with a custom builder.

Consider both volume builders and custom home builders when it is time to purchase a new residence. While both options have benefits, custom homes offer many advantages over large project homes.

When you work with a custom builder, your dream residence becomes a reality. Learn more today to see which option is right for your needs. Most people will find custom builders are the way to go.

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