How Much Does It Cost to Build a Duplex in Western Sydney?

February 27, 2024
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A custom duplex built in Western Sydney

Many people today choose to build a duplex rather than a single-family home.

Building a dual occupancy residence is an excellent way to make the most of available land, and the duplex may serve several purposes.

Before deciding whether a duplex is appropriate for your needs, you need to know how much it costs to construct the building.

What factors play a role in the cost of duplex construction in Sydney? Why should you consider a duplex rather than a single-family residence? The following guide answers these questions and more.

Factors That Influence the Duplex Price

Several factors influence the cost associated with building a duplex. Dual occupancy builders in Sydney consider the following when providing a quote for the residence, although other factors might also come into play.

Each project is unique, so there is no single price a builder can quote for this project.


Where will this duplex be located? Construction costs won’t be as high if you already have land. When purchasing land for the project, you can expect the price to jump drastically. Look for land outside the most popular neighbourhoods to help lower the price.

However, if the duplex is for investment purposes, a highly desirable neighbourhood is the best option. Building in one of these neighbourhoods will draw more potential renters.

Consider local amenities, learn about plans for the surrounding area, and research the demand for rentals in the community. With this information, finding the right location to build becomes easier.

Prep Work

The budget must include money for any prep work required before construction can begin. Surveys and reports come with fees, such as those created by a structural engineer.

Rock removal or compaction of the existing fill might be required before the project can move forward, and you may find you must pay for site cut and fill or a slab upgrade.

The fees vary by the project, so work with reputable duplex builders in Western Sydney to learn what fees you might incur with the specific project. Account for design fees when establishing a budget, and include a line for demolition work if a structure sits on the land being used for the duplex.

Project Complexity

You have numerous options when building a duplex. Some people want a single-story duplex while others would like one with two floors. Two identical units cost less than two units that mirror one another.

Terrace duplexes typically come with the lowest price tags, while detached duplexes cost the most.

End terrace and semi-detached structures fall in between when it comes to price.

The number of bedrooms influences the cost of the duplex, as does the dual occupancy builders in West Sydney selected for the project. Obtain quotes from several companies and research each company thoroughly to find the right builder for the job.

Material Costs

Material costs vary significantly by the project. You can adjust the construction cost by researching different materials and determining where you can downgrade and which items are essential. High-end materials come with higher price tags, so remember this when selecting.

Work with a contractor experienced in modern duplex construction in Sydney, as they can recommend alternate materials to keep the project within budget.

A modern duplex home built by our duplex builders in Western Sydney

Labour Costs

Cost-of-living plays a role in duplex construction costs. Expect to pay more when you build a duplex in Sydney than in rural parts of the country. Custom builders charge higher fees, and the price goes up when the project calls for specialists or subcontractors. Additional items, such as fencing or landscaping, also drive the price up.

The Cost of a Duplex

Taking the above-mentioned factors into account, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500,000 to $1.2 million for a duplex in Sydney.

These figures do not include the cost of the land. When working with dual occupancy builders in Western Sydney, consider each factor and where changes can be made to the desired building to ensure the project comes in under budget.

The Benefits of a Duplex

A duplex can be used for many purposes. Some families choose to build this type of residence to care for aging parents. You may want your parents to have a separate living space while still being close. However, some buyers opt for a duplex, so they can use half or all for investment purposes.

As there is only one property to maintain, you spend less to maintain a duplex than you would separate properties. At the same time, the property has strong value growth. Overall, countless individuals find building a duplex right for their needs, and you may as well.

Many factors play a role when building a custom duplex in Sydney. Work with a reputable builder to create a residence that meets your requirements while remaining within budget. Quality is as important when it comes to the builder as it is with materials.

Finding this builder is possible. It’s simply a matter of researching duplex builders in Western Sydney to hire the right company for the project you want completed.

If you're looking for an expert custom duplex builder in Western Sydney, give Kobo Projects a call today or enquire online. Bring us your plans or ideas and we'll help bring them to life!

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