What Sets Us Apart From Other Sydney Duplex Builders

April 2, 2024
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When you are ready to build a duplex in Sydney, you’ll find several builders to choose from. The choice of builder plays a large role in the project's success.

Choose Kobo Projects, and you benefit from the experience of our director, Joseph Koborsi.

Joe is known for his attention to detail, and he accepts nothing less from his team. Before allowing them to work with Kobo Projects, we thoroughly vet all employees.

They must earn their stripes, as you deserve only the best in your duplex builders in Sydney. Our level of workmanship and outstanding project management ensures your experience with Kobo is excellent in every way.

A Little About Joe

Joe developed an interest in construction at an early age. His first job in the industry was managing job sites for a luxury home builder.

During his time with this company, Joseph gained a deeper understanding of why precision planning and execution are essential.

He moved on from that company to continue building on his skills and experience before landing at Kobo Projects.

Today, industry insiders consider him a leader. They trust and rely on him because he treats every project the same regardless of size.

He remains committed to quality and is very hands-on with the projects he manages. When it comes to dual occupancy builders, we stand out in the crowd thanks to having Joseph Koborsi leading our team.

What Makes Us Different

Bigger isn’t always better. That is a guiding principle for Kobo Projects. Choose us as your duplex builders in Sydney and receive access to our team.

We love our clients and choose to remain approachable so we can connect with you and fully understand what your goal is with the duplex project.

Larger companies often have new people handling each phase of the project. Work with Kobo Projects and you will have one person to work with, from the initial contact to post-maintenance work. This approach allows us to build a relationship with each customer we serve and help you turn your dream project into reality.

You might worry that something will happen to the builder. How will this affect the project? Government authorities require indemnity insurance on any project. This insurance protects you if we cannot finish the project. Take that worry off your plate.

Working with Kobo Projects

Working with Kobo Projects gives you more than Joe's experience. We employ a team of top architectural designers to help you customise the design.

Furthermore, we use premium materials from reputable leading suppliers. When you are spending this sum of money, you deserve the best. If the home doesn’t fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, we haven’t done our job.

One reason many customers choose us as their dual occupancy builders is they know they can count on us to be honest and transparent.

Building a new home of any type isn’t something a person does every week or month. They turn to the so-called experts for help and must rely on what these individuals say.

When you work with us, we remain in constant communication, so you know exactly where the project stands. We strive to reduce the stress associated with building a duplex and stay on time and budget to do so.

Our Process

The process of building a duplex in Sydney begins when you reach out to us. We want to hear your ideas and vision to determine if we are the right duplex home builders for your project. If we believe the team can help, the next step involves scheduling a face-to-face meeting to open communications.

Once we know what you are looking for, our team creates a design and a cost estimate. You approve or reject the design. If the design is acceptable, the process of refining the quote begins.

Pre-construction doesn’t begin until you approve the quote. We require a signed contract before starting the project. When the construction phase is complete, we walk through the new residence together and hand over the keys. However, we don’t walk away.

Minor issues might arise after you move into the duplex. Don’t worry. Our team remains available to help you work through the issues. Complete satisfaction is our goal.

Kobo Projects works with private clients looking to build a duplex in Sydney, along with investors who plan to complete multiple projects.

All clients receive the same treatment, with the goal being to construct a building that will offer the highest return on investment, whether it will be for personal or commercial use.

We understand the housing market and will make suggestions to ensure you get the most value for the money being spent.

Consider investing in a duplex today. Many owners live on one side of the duplex while renting out the other.

Other families choose this option when caring for aging relatives, as each family unit has its private space while remaining close to one another.

Investors benefit from these properties, as they take up little space while providing additional income. Now is the perfect time to build a duplex in Sydney, so reach out to us. We’ll help you get the process started.

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Kobo Projects are one of the leading residential and commercial builders in Sydney, taking immense pride in our approachability, quality craftmanship, eye for precision, and client focused approach to building. You can trust Kobo to build your dream.

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