What to Look For in a Custom Home Builder?

February 13, 2024
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When building a custom home, many people focus solely on house plans. They spend countless hours comparing the square footage, layouts, and number of bedrooms in these homes. Sadly, they don’t spend much time researching builders to find the right one to build this dream residence.

As a result, they may be unhappy when all is said and done. What should a person look for in custom home builders in Western Sydney? What factors should they consider when comparing Western Sydney builders? The following guide answers these questions and more.

Builder Focus

Some builders specialise in constructing homes for men and women purchasing their first residence. Other builders focus solely on luxury homes, ones that require owners to get jumbo loans if they can’t pay for their houses outright.

A person should never waste their time looking into builders that won’t be of help to them. Learn about each company’s focus and narrow the list to those companies focused on the type of home desired. Doing so will save the purchaser time and money.


However, when a builder says they focus on a specific type of home, don’t take their word for it.

Ask to see pictures of past projects and request references from former clients. Learn whether they have taken on custom home projects in the past or if this is a new service they are offering.

Experience matters when someone is spending a large sum of money, so verify everything they say with independent parties.

Custom new home in Western Sydney


Don’t overlook the internet when researching the experience of Western Sydney builders, either. The resources found online can tell a potential customer a lot about how it is to work with different companies. Why is this important?

People are happy to share information online when they are dissatisfied with the work done by a provider. A potential client can learn if the company didn’t adhere to deadlines, if they used shoddy materials, or if the custom home doesn’t pass an inspection by local authorities.

Keep in mind, however, that people aren’t as inclined to share their good experiences with a company on the Internet. Weigh the information found here with information gathered from other sources to get an accurate picture of each custom home builder.


A person might think personality isn’t of great importance when it comes to their home builder. They will quickly discover how wrong they are as the process moves forward. The home builder and home buyer must work closely together throughout the design and construction process. If their personalities don’t mesh, conflicts could arise.

While a person may think they can live with these conflicts as the relationship won’t last forever, it does not make for a good working arrangement. One party might hesitate to contact the other when a problem arises because they don’t want to deal with the conflict. Communication may be minimal, which can lead to cost overruns and delays.

When interviewing Western Sydney builders, the buyer must keep this in mind and choose someone they feel comfortable with.

In addition, a home buyer must determine what level of involvement they want to have in the process. Some people want to visit the construction site regularly to see the progress and ask questions. Other buyers don’t want this level of involvement.

Learn what the builder is comfortable with so problems don’t come up in this area. If the expectations of each party are different, this could quickly become another source of conflict, one that could be easily avoided with communication during the selection process.

Customer Service

Another element a person should never overlook when comparing custom home builders in Western Sydney is their customer service. Unanswered phone calls are frustrating, particularly when a person is spending a large sum of money. They want the party they are paying to respond promptly.

When a builder says they will do something, they need to follow through, especially in the early stages of the project. If they aren’t responsive when they are trying to secure someone’s business, they may be even less so once they have gotten this individual’s money.

Tips for Finding the Right Custom Home Builder in Western Sydney

When interviewing a builder, arrive with a prepared list of questions. Doing so ensures the buyer has the same information about all candidates, making it easier to compare the options.

Ask about a point of contact within the company. This person should oversee every aspect of the project and be able to answer all questions. Having one person assigned to this task will make the process easier in every way, as the buyer, suppliers, construction crew members, and others will know exactly where to turn if they have a question or a problem arises.

Prioritize value when having a custom home built. Don’t choose low-quality items for certain parts of the home with the idea of upgrading them in the future. Find a builder who can offer alternatives that allow the buyer to stay within budget while still having a home they love.

The right home builder will take time to learn about the client’s vision. They will ask questions to make certain everyone is on the same page.

This builder will spend time working out every detail, as it is the details that turn a house into a dream home. Don’t give up until this builder is found, as this project is too important to leave anything to chance.

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