7 Things to Prepare When First Meeting With Your Custom Home Builder

March 19, 2024
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Custom built kitchen in new home in Western Sydney

Building a home from the ground up differs from buying an existing residence. You make countless decisions as the process moves forward and may worry that each decision is wrong.

The right custom home builder in Western Sydney will walk you through the process. However, you must do your part.

Arrive at the initial meeting with items to make the process smoother. In addition, know what you want and how much you can afford to spend to get it.

Being prepared allows you to accomplish more during the meeting and will help build the foundation for a successful partnership.

Have a Budget in Place

Set a budget for the new home build. You will need to adjust it as the planning stage moves forward, but this budget gives the builder an idea of what you can afford. People often walk in with a preconceived notion of what the house should look like.

Upon meeting with the builder, they either find they cannot afford to build the home they envisioned or they have ample money to make upgrades throughout the house.

One way to determine this budget is to talk with mortgage lenders and get pre-approved for a loan. With this document, you know exactly how much you can spend.

The builder then uses this information to help you adjust the house plans to remain within this amount. When creating a budget, you need to account for all costs related to the project, including the cost of fencing, window coverings, and more.

Determine the Desired Floor Plan

Building a new home isn’t a decision you make overnight. You have probably been planning this purchase for some time and know exactly what you want. Browse various floor plans to find one that looks like your dream home.

During this search, you might find the perfect residence. If you don’t, bring the floor plan to the meeting so you can show the builder where you want to make changes.

If you have yet to find anything close to what you want, draw it on paper. This might be nothing more than a bunch of squares showing the layout of the rooms and the approximate size. It might be a detailed drawing.

Either way, the builder has a starting point. Western Sydney home builders will ask questions to come closer to what you want, as they have worked with other customers in the past.

New home interior Western Sydney

Make a Priority List

List which items you consider essential in the home. The builder will know what they must include and where you are open to changes. When making this list, go beyond functional considerations.

Consider the aesthetics of the home and what you like and dislike in this area. When making the list, take your lifestyle and plans into consideration.

Many people today include a multifunctional room in their floor plans. Use this space as a playroom for kids, a home office for the parents, or a guest room. Thanks to its versatility, the home adapts as your needs change.

Bring Reference Photos

Photos give the builder a visual to work from. If you are requesting anything unusual, try to bring a photo so they can see what you want. However, these photos are helpful even if you are requesting something commonplace.

For instance, if you want a home with a brick front, bricks come in many shades. Bring examples of the color of brick you prefer. They can then price the right bricks and build on the budget from there.

Know Which Questions to Ask

Prepare a list of questions you want to ask the builder. Having the list with you during the meeting ensures nothing gets overlooked.

The questions should cover topics such as the project timeframe, compensation for project delays, and more. Ask about additional costs and the design/build process during this meeting.

Home and duplex builders in Sydney expect these questions and will share information beyond what you ask, as they want satisfied customers.

Land Purchase

Some home buyers already have land when they want to build a duplex in Sydney. Other individuals looking to build need to purchase land. Bring paperwork to the initial meeting with the builder in either situation.

Those who own land need to bring proof of ownership and other documents related to the property. Men and women who want help to find land should bring a loan approval letter and information about the desired location.

Aesthetic Considerations

A new home goes beyond the floor plan and amenities. Your builder also needs information about the aesthetics of the home. Share photos of preferred paint colours, trim work, material finishes, and more.

The builder can make suggestions for alternatives if certain desired aesthetic items will take the project over budget.

Expect this meeting to take a few hours. Some builders meet with clients several times before moving forward with the process. No two projects are identical, so all parties must be flexible when planning the new home build. The more you plan, the more satisfied you will be with the result.

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